– Interested in the Iranian market?

– Looking for a reliable partner?

– Need help to introduce your product to the Iranian market?

Shilan with 20 years of experience in the Iranian market, having wide distribution network and participations in local and regional trade shows as well as being a member in Swiss and German Chambers of Commerce can help you or offer its consultancy in:

– Local & regional distribution network

– Participating in local and regional trade shows

– Offering tailor-made solutions for your need

Shilan, established in 1999, is a leading manufacturer of flexible hoses and valves in the Iranian market.  Its brand and distribution network is well known in the Iranian sanitary and construction sector and Shilan’s name is always related to quality due to its consistent strive for quality; ISO 9001, AENOR product certificates and Iranian standard certificates show and prove Shilan’s quality philosophy.

Shilan’s wide experience in the Iranian sanitary and construction market could be of great help to newcomers, who share the same work ethics in regard to quality and performance.

Please contact us for more information regarding our consultancy services.